Failed Goals: I Missed a Day

I finally pulled the trigger on this blog based on a challenge issued by Jeff Goins.  But yesterday, I failed to post anything.  I was busy, I thought I had posted in the morning, but that was not the case.  I had only written a few new ideas down for future posts, but I didn’t get anything polished and ready to go.

Now, since I only have 4 followers so far, my apology won’t matter much, but it does matter to me.  I made a commitment and failed to follow through with it after 12 days.  It’s not how I like to work. I will add a second post this week to make up for my missed one, but in the back of my head, I have given power to that niggling voice that says, “See?  You can’t do this for real”.

I’d like to say I’m trying my best, but the fact that I’m pushing myself to post every single day is at odds with what my best work is.  I like to take my time and craft and edit my way to a smooth article.  That isn’t always possible with a daily deadline.  I guess that’s exactly what Jeff Goins is trying to point out with his “practice in public” post above.  Two years of daily practice will make you better, regardless of the pursuit.

Anywho, mea culpa, and now I realize that I have to plan posts for next weekend, as I will be mostly unavailable Friday through Sunday.  This is the difference between writing as a casual hobby and writing as a job, and it makes me feel good that I’m committed to doing the work.  The rest may or may not happen, but it definitely wouldn’t have happened if I just say and wrote privately, perfecting my posts, but never hitting the “publish” button.

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