Things I’d Like to See More of

As I’ve heard often in my life, “Times, they are a changing’”.  I couldn’t agree more.  The only stable, standard thing in life seems to be change.  With that being said, a lot of these changes are not for the better.  Here, without comment, I’m listing some things I’d like to see more of in life. You may notice a theme, I sure did.

Corvettes and Cadillacs without handicap plates.
Skinny people drinking diet soda.
Old women driving Porsches.
People with high viz. jackets with common sense.
People walking without looking at their phones.
Courteous drivers.
Thriving mom and pop stores.
Young people with a grasp of reason and logic.
Critical thinking.
Truth in advertising.
Honest politicians.
Good news.
History preserved.
Old-fashioned anything.
Random kindness.
A new fad – let’s move on from the man bun.
Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah.


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4 thoughts on “Things I’d Like to See More of

  1. There are people who have created websites that focus on good news.. which are not reported in mainstream media. I have listed them in one of my blogposts but you could just google “good news”. 😉


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