The Power of Silence

We don’t encounter silence very often in our modern, hectic lives.  Between the noises of life, and the noises of family, we are often times left without any silence until we rest at night.

However, silence has power.

When I managed a sales team, I consulted my reps, on more than one occasion, about the power of silence.  Once you have spoken your piece, determined silence, where you wait until the other person speaks, is a powerful tool.  The power is in the uncomfortable nature of silence and the human condition.  We are really unsure of what to do when someone speaks their position and then goes radio silent on us.

And then there’s meditation.  There’s a lot written on meditation and its benefits, so I don’t need to add to that. What I can be a witness to is that taking 10 minutes even once per day to clear your mind, and focus on breathing, or a mantra, in complete silence is exceptionally restorative.

It amazes me that something so powerful is so rarely used, especially by the younger generation.

I think we may have two whole generations who were never taught to “sit still” thus depriving them of the beauty of stillness and thought.

I do my best, deepest, most creative, most thoughtful work in complete silence.  I watch as others use background noise continually, and then wonder why they can not think deeply or clearly.

Do yourself a favor – find daily silence and peace in your life.

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