Native Texan, Restaurant Style

So here is my first salsa review.  Again, in case you missed it, I credit salsa with enabling me to shed around 25 lbs so far since Christmas.  The crux of the issue is that I like salsa, and good salsa makes me not miss some of the high-calorie foods that I’ve had to give up.  But, after a really bland salsa, I realized that without good salsa, I would have a much more difficult time sticking with this diet/new eating habit.

So I’ve been trying a lot of different salsas, and I need to document what I’ve found somewhere, so why not in a subset of my blog?  I’m still figuring out how to segment WordPress into different sections, hence these will show in the main blog as well since I have no idea how to keep that from happening.  Maybe if I do my own hosted WordPress blog, I can use a plugin to filter, but I’ve got enough to do rather than administer my own site.

But, as I often do, I digress.

This first salsa is what I would call my “Gold Standard.”  Not because of the flavor, but because of the calorie content.

Native Texan Salsa nutrition facts
Zero calories! Do I believe them?

Now, I’m not sure I believe them, but my wife has been using this one solely.  But she’s better than I am when it comes to sticking to her diet, and her focus is low calorie.

So, outside of the calorie count, how is this stuff?

OK, so I probably need to have some sort of scale going forward to rate the salsa.  That would make a lot of sense if I were to do that.  I don’t think I’m going to do anything quite so objective here.  Salsa is more subjective.  Much like beauty, it’s in the eye, or taste buds rather, of the beholder.

Let me explain some more. I like spicy, but not for the sake of spicy. I like spice to enhance the flavor of the dish, not be a center point. So for my reviews, I will be focusing on mild and medium salsa only because that’s what I’m limiting myself to. My wife cannot do hot salsas, so this is also an effort to find some middle ground – something spicy enough for me, but that won’t send her screaming out of the room cursing me.

You will also notice that most of my salsas will be Texas brands. I live in a little town in Texas so my selections will be limited compared to more metropolitan areas.

The Native Texan brands are one that I’ve tried on and off for years. I consider them a decent salsa. One that I will use and enjoy, but not to the point where I’m going to rave about it. The flavor is good, the spice is there, but not overbearing, again, my wife can eat this without having any issues.

It’s a good basic salsa that I use as a comparison for others both in flavor and in calorie count.

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