Hatch Serrano Chile Salsa

I may have mentioned my love of all things hatch chile.  This one gets me every time.  I never know if the Hatch brand uses hatch chiles, or if they just got clever on the name, but I’ll buy their products more often than not.

For this week, I was in Boise, ID and trying to stay on my diet.  To do this, I needed to grab my breakfast fixins – spinach, salsa, and guacamole.  I was prepared for some dire choices when it came to salsa, but Boise has surprised me on more than one occasion for being more cosmopolitan than I would have thought, and last week was no different.  Their salsa selection was almost as deep as my little hometown, which isn’t saying a whole lot, but it did mean that I could get some decent salsa.

So, instead of grabbing another flavor of Mateo’s (my current favorite) I grabbed the Hatch Serrano salsa.  I’ve started to lean more towards the Serrano for the flavor and the heat.  It has much more flavor than a jalapeño, and a little more heat, which I don’t mind, especially when I’m on my own.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test the Hatch salsa out with any corn chips.  I was already way above my daily calorie count, being on the road and dieting is tough, so I had to forgo the chips and salsa as a snack, even for the posterity of my review.

But I’m happy to report that this salsa is exceptional.  While not a “hatch” salsa, the name does make it a “hatch” salsa, doesn’t it?  Hence, it must qualify in my book as a good hatch salsa, regardless of its misleading label.

The salsa was a little spicier than the “medium” label would suggest, but that’s to be expected with a serrano chile.  Other than that, it is a very good all around salsa for flavoring.  It did not disappoint, and it helped me stick to my diet for the week.

Hatch Serrano Salsa
10 calories seems to be the norm.

The calories are low, so I was very liberal with my usage, knowing that I had to sacrifice this salsa at the end of the week – there’s no way I would use a whole jar in a week.

I’ll pick this one up again sometime in the future and try it with my new favorite chip – HEB Unsalted Tortilla Chips.

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