HEB That’s Salsa ‘Bout Texas

This salsa is an HEB-brand salsa that they claim they named from a contest of 16,000 entries.  I may have re-run the contest if I were running the marketing department.  But, is a unique name, and even more importantly, a decent salsa.  HEB had a coupon for this one as well, I think it came with the matching corn tortilla chips.  Either way, it was a coupon deal and very cheap, so it went to the top of the list that week.

That's salsa bout Texas
10 calories, but lots of flavor.

I was very pleasantly surprised by this one.  The silly name must have lulled me into a false sense of boring salsa.  I should know now, after living in Texas for 18 years that “mild” or “medium” in Texas means “spicy” everywhere else.  This salsa is robust.  It definitely has a kick to it, but not unpleasantly so for me.  It is, however, too spicy for my delicate wife (I kid, she’s kicking me for calling her names).  It has a different flavor from the other salsas I’ve tried, and that always makes me happy.  It must be the Pequin chile, whatever that is.  Hmmm, I may have to do some ole Internet searching for that one.

Good on chips, great in a mixed dish where you want the salsa flavor to be a little more featured than a boring national brand.  No one will taste this and think it’s Pace, that’s for sure.

I’d put it as #2 on my list right now.

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