If I Had to Choose

As I age, I’ve often dwelt on my own demise
Hard to ignore nature’s daily signals of impending death
I lie awake dreading the loss of my physical abilities
My body fails me with Swiss precision.
It’s in this state that I wonder which senses
Will fail me next.  I dream of how I will handle losses
To my reasoning and control.
My mind’s theater plays each sensory scene, one by one
And I’ve come to know, all too cruelly, which preferred
Sense I’d lose had I any choice.
All my skeptics may laugh as I refuse to lament the
Loss of sight.  I could not bear a silent world, where gone
Are the melodious tones of life
But loss of sight would enrich my life
Shielding the horrors of everyday living.
No more would I have to watch the stupidity of man everywhere.
No longer would I have to see my pitiful aging face each day,
Lost hair being replaced by its snowy, fragile cousin.
No more would I have to watch as the love of my life
Withers away in front of me.
Her sweet voice will age softly, sweetly.
My mind will remember her glory days
Without my eyes deceiving me.

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