Crenshaw’s C6 Tequila Lime Salsa

To be honest, I’ve passed this salsa over a few times at the store because I primarily use my salsa on my egg-spinach-guacamole breakfast concoction.  The calorie count is a little higher than the others I’ve been using, so I’ve used that, plus the combination of lime and tequila as a dissuasion from testing.

When Charlie Crenshaw VI (yes, the sixth) emailed me about my first Crenshaw’s C6 review, he recommended the Tequila Lime.  He says it’s his favorite, and he puts it on everything.  Of course, this meant I had to try it.  I have a personal philosophy that requires me to try everything at least twice, just to make sure I don’t like it.

Much like the traditional, if you can call anything Crenshaw’s makes traditional, C6 salsa, there’s a unique undertone to the Tequila Lime salsa.  It’s like seeing two sisters and knowing immediately from their looks and mannerisms that they’re sisters.  You can tell that the C6 Tequila Lime is definitely related to the C6 line.

All the C6 salsas are smooth and not chunky.  They are a little thin for my taste.  That being said, I like them all.  The Tequila Lime is again, very unique, and you would definitely get questions from your guests about this salsa if you had it out during a party/meeting/get-together, etc.  It’s perfectly balanced between the lime and the spiciness.  That’s a word, right?

I’m not sure it’s my favorite, yet, I hate to say this… Sorry, Charlie.  However, it is in my top three.  I’m going to need to revisit a few of my favorites, which I will not name here, out of respect for the Salsa Royalty that is Crenshaw’s.

Remember, C6 Salsas have a larger serving size – those calories are still very low.

Make no mistake, this is great salsa.  I love that I can actually say that there is other salsa that I might like better.  It’s like opening the garage and upon seeing your car collection (which I may or may not have) thinking, “Which will I drive today, the Porsche, the Ferrari, or the Aston Martin?” They’re all great, beyond good.  We need a new adjective to describe this level of salsa.

If you like the flavor of lime, you will LOVE C6 Tequila Lime. It’s right at the borderline of too much for me.  It’s not, but it’s right there.

Crenshaws C6 Tequila Lime ingredients
Only the good stuff here.

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