Reasons I Hate People

There are so many reasons I hate people.  I realize that I probably shouldn’t post this, but after a particularly bad day, I feel the need to let my soul rant a bit.  I have run away from people most of my life.  I was raised in suburban, rural and even urban communities from the time I was born until I was 18 years old.  So unlike most suburbanites, I know of which I speak – I’ve been around the entire gamut, and when I was able to choose, I moved back to a rural setting for two main reasons.  First, I like my privacy and space. Growing up in rural Illinois were some of the best years of my life, and I have longed to have property and have the benefits of living in the country since I left.  I also thought that I would like my stepsons to have this same experience, that way they could decide for themselves when they got older which lifestyle they preferred.  We’re at a 50/50 rate currently.  Secondly, I have come to realize that I hate people.  Not individually.  Individually, I’m quite the opposite, I enjoy conversations with people, even strangers, especially if there’s alcohol involved.  But put me in a crowded situation, and I no longer want to be there.  I will try to find a corner, if possible, and keep to myself.

But Why?

I’ve tried to analyze why I hate people so much now.  I think my hatred stems from working with the public.  My first job at 16 years old was a bank teller.  From there I ended up in customer service at a cable company, from there into technical support at a computer company.  After the tech support gig, I moved into a sales roles and while I still have to deal with people, it’s much more on a one-by-one basis, and sales is different than the previous gigs.  So my hatred definitely stems from how people treat bank tellers, customer service reps, and technical support people.  But wait, there’s more.

At this point, I’ve worked myself into a froth, a lather, so I should just make a list and move on.  Here goes:

  • You make bad things popular – books, tv shows, movies, criminals, politicians, etc. If I have to give you an example, you are the problem.
    Conversely, anything with skill, grace and real artistry is crushed (I know, very Ayn Rand).
  • You clap in the wrong places.  When you go to the opera or symphony, don’t clap if you don’t know when the movement ends.  Don’t clap at funerals.  Ever. I’m pretty sure Hell is filled with people who clapped in church.
  • You’re selfish.  This shows everywhere you go – when you drive, when you walk, at the supermarket, when you talk, etc.  I’m all for being self-aware, but for fuck’s sake, no one cares about you that much.
  • You eat like a pig.  Close your mouth.
  • You make non-verbal noises with your mouth.  Smacking lips, sucking teeth, whistling, these should all be capital offenses.
  • You’re on your phone everywhere, all the time.  Who the fuck are you talking to all day long?
  • You aren’t good at grammar, so you pretend that it’s no big deal.  Similarly with spelling.  It is a big deal, especially to those of us trying to make words matter. And you write with text speak.
  • You ram your political views down my throat and insist “I’m wrong” if I don’t agree with you. Politics are not based on facts, but opinions, and like assholes, everyone has them, and they all smell funny.
  • You’re stupid.  I should rephrase that because I’m not talking about people with really deficient IQs who try to better themselves.  I’m talking about the people who graduate high school, never read a book again, and then try to engage in intelligent conversation.  It’s a staggering percentage of the population.
  • You’re educated, but feel you’re somehow better than other people.  I never get this one.  How does one get an education, the road to enlightenment, and then become a self-centered asshat?  If anything, education should allow you to see the diversity in people, which, contrary to what you probably think about me right now, I do admire and treasure.  Unless you fit into one of these categories, then I hate you. But I don’t think I’m better than you.  I just don’t like you.  At all.

Oh my, that feels better.

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