Dom’s Chop Salsa Grilled

Dom’s is another salsa that was on sale via a coupon, so it got to make the ride home this week.  I actually grabbed two coupons, because they have a few variations that interested me.  This one, with the orange-lettered label, is the mesquite version, the other I grabbed is the hatch version.  We’ve discussed hatch peppers, I believe.

I’m always skeptical of hyperbole on the label.  Dom’s has that in spades. Clearly, the idea of grilled is their claim to fame, their raison d’être.  Dom’s is a great small entrepreneur story, and their salsa is unique.  It’s good.  I like smoky flavors, and it really does work in this salsa.  It doesn’t however, make it to my favorites list.  It’s thinner than I like my salsa, and it lacks the punch to get through a dish on its own.  Although with chips, it’s pretty damn good, I don’t think you’d get any complaints having this one out during a game.

Dom's Chop House Salsa
There’s a fatal flaw in the ingredients.

However, there’s one little problem with Dom’s.  Just one.  One gram of sugar in those 10 calories.  Added sugar, that is, not natural.  I know, I’m being a total wuss with my rule against sugar, but since I have been drawn into the salsa game by my weight loss, I feel it’s imperative that I point out where there are potential issues.  I am not eating anything with “added sugar” and cleary, well not so clearly because of my shitty photography, but it’s there, on the second to last line, “sugar.”

Without that, Dom would have been in the higher half of the group I’ve tested so far, but the added sugar makes it a definite no-go for me.  There’s just too many out there that are good and don’t have sugar to allow this to go unnoticed.

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