¡Texapeño! Less Hot Salsa

I really wanted to love this salsa.  This is a jalapeño salsa.  No tomatoes, as their label clearly states:

Texapeño Salsa
Ok, fooled by marketing once again.

The “wuss” comment got me, I thought that any Texas salsa that says “less hot” and “wuss” is going to be right up my alley.

Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong, this is decent salsa. But it tastes exactly like other bland-ish salsas.  There’s nothing to write home about, or blog about, either.  It’s the worst type of marketing, the one that over promises and under delivers.  It’s not even hot, at all.

That all being said, it’s not a bad salsa, either.  It’s just not complex like some of the others that I’ve been testing lately.  This salsa reminds me of a movie where you see all your favorite stars packed into one movie.  You’re off, even stand in line, to go see this star-studded feature, and it completely sucks.  That’s what this salsa did to me.  It built up my hopes and then gave me ordinary, boring, blasé.  That’s what I get for falling for marketing.  I should know better.

Texapeño nutrients
At least the calories are low and there are no shitty ingredients.

The good news is, this salsa is very low-calorie, and there are no added sugars.  The only questionable ingredient is xanthan powder, and in my experience, this means that it’s gluten-free.  My wife is a Celiac, so that’s always important to me.  But even she thought this salsa was bland.

I’m sure at some point, one of these manufacturers is going to be upset with me, but I’m just being honest here.  It needs more complexity.

I did try this salsa on a veggie stir-fry thingy that needed a little salsa, and I’m happy to report that this did the trick.  I don’t think a more complex-flavored salsa would have gone well with the mix of sautéed red peppers, squash and onions.  So there is a reason for a simpler salsa.

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