Crenshaw’s C6 Mild Salsa

I’m afraid I did Charlie Crenshaw, VI a huge disservice in my last review.  I didn’t include Charlie’s story, which is clearly listed on the label.  I wondered about the C6 name, now I get it.  I’m not the sixth of anything in my family, nor in my family tree, I don’t think.  Duly impressed right here, Charlie the Sixth.  Sounds like a King in Europe, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I’ll let Charlie tell his story:

Crenshaws c6 mild story
That’s some Texas salsa royalty right there!

So my apologies to Charlie and team.  I received an email this week from Charlie thanking me for the review, that’s what made me take a second look in the cupboard, only to find another jar, but this time of the “mild” version of the C6 salsa.

I have to say, this is the perfect “mild” salsa for me.  It has enough bite that I know it’s there, but not in any way too much.  My wife was even able to enjoy it (she doesn’t do the hot stuff like I do).

But it’s the flavor that keeps me gravitating towards Crenshaw’s C6.  It’s really unique and complex.  This one is a little less sweet than the medium salsa I had a few weeks ago, although that could be due to a different ingredient, per Charlie.  He thought the last run was too sweet, too.  Who knew my salsa palette was so advanced?

Again, the ingredients are the good stuff, with nothing added that I need to stay away from:

crenshaws mild ingredients
Just what you would expect, and nothing more.

Crenshaw’s C6 does use a higher serving for their nutrition, so make sure you’re comparing apples to apples if you’re selecting based on calorie count like I do most days.  Their portion is four tablespoons according to the Great Almighty Google conversion for ounces to tablespoons.  That’s twice as much as other salsa’s “serving.”

Crenshaws c6 mild nutrition
Stats like this are why I continue to be a salsa advocate.

Lastly, Crenshaw’s C6 is also a local company (for me, at least).  They’re in Manchaca, TX (That’s “man-shack” for you non-Texans).  That’s a really small town south of Austin.  I know a great mechanic in that neck of the woods.

Anyway, I love a mild salsa that still has a little heat to it. Unlike the Texapeño “less hot” salsa that had zero heat.  I don’t want to ruin the good salsa buzz with that product.

Charlie did tell me his Tequila Lime salsa is his favorite, so I’ll be grabbing some tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned, I can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “Crenshaw’s C6 Mild Salsa

  1. I too am a huge fan of Crenshaw’s C6 salsa. The other day my wife asked me if I wanted to try the tequila lime mixed with sour cream (she knows I love sour cream). At first I was hesitant. I love sour cream and tequila lime why ruin either. Well she was right, as usual. It is amazing! Give it a shot sometime. I enjoy using with veggi’s (broccoli, carrot sticks, etc). Give it a shot some time.


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