Great Value Organic Salsa

I’ve been testing the fancy stuff for quite some time now.  As I’m ten months into my new eating lifestyle, I probably need to at least consider the cheaper, less fancy salsas for the sake of my wallet and budget.  So while at Walmart a few weeks ago, I wandered down the salsa aisle to see what options were available to me that I can’t find at HEB.  Turns out, not too much, but Walmart does have its own branded “Organic” salsa that has some great numbers.

This is a good basic chunky salsa. Not too hot, I’d rank it as mild, even though it says medium. When you’re watching calories and what you eat, like processed foods, this one is hard to beat. Let’s look at the cost. AT $2.24 for a jar, it’s a full dollar less than other salsas.  Again, those gourmet salsas I’ve been eating are worth the extra buck to me, but this is a hard argument to win when I’m going through a few jars each week.  The organic part means that there’s nothing in there that’s going to give me issues, ever.

5 calories per 2 Tbsp – you just can’t beat that!

No one is going to pull you aside this week at the party at your house and ask you where you got this salsa like they will with Crenshaw’s, Mateo’s or Jardine’s, but they won’t complain, either.  And you’ll save a few bucks.

Not too shabby for a fancy generic, that’s for sure.

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